Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Wish List

Stuffed Cornbread Pan (here)

Of course, I am very sad that summer is coming to a swift end. But, luckily, autumn is my favorite season — sweater weather, football and lots of delicious fall foods, like apples and carrots. Naturally, while I will miss heirloom tomatoes for the next 9 months, I am looking forward to all of the warm, hearty comfort food that I love to cook once the weather cools down. Of course, that means I can invest in a few new kitchen utensils for the new season. And what is more perfect for fall than chili — with some stuffed cornbread? Cornbread is amazing without being stuffed, so this pan must make magic. A classic Staub cocotte works for everything from a good chicken to shortribs to gumbo. A pasta chittara will make up for the last time I tried to make fresh pasta (it was a disaster — a full blown disaster). Since pies are perfect for fall, this year I'm wishing for an extra deep dish, to guarantee that my filling won't overflow into a big, sticky, delicious mess. And finally, a pizza stone — the most simple, and most versatile, baking tool of them all, working perfectly for pizza, cookies, croissants and more.

Staub Cocotte (here)

Pasta Chittara (here)

Extra-Deep Pie Dish (here)

Pizza Stone (here)

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